7 SEO Fails that will make you think twice

SEO is simpler than we think. It’s a Search Engine Optimisation which is the name given to the activity attempt to improve search engine rankings.

SEO campaigns fail mostly because expectations are high as compared to their budgets. We often heard that it is wastage of time and money. Even small business owners don’t use it because they think it’s is too expensive. But you should know that it is one of the best marketing strategies that promote your business.

Here are the SEO failures:


A famous internet marketing company in Australia has announced that most SEO strategies are not fulfilling the requirements of the client. The customers don’t get beneficial information if you are using these SEO strategies. If you create value and standard then automatically conversion rates will increase, so search for those SEO strategies that help you add value.


As there are numerous strategies for SEO, so it’s difficult to select the right one. The wrong one will never give you the result of your requirement, and you will fail. So be vigilant while choosing the right SEO strategy.


Most SEO strategies pledge you that you will accomplish a lot of traffic, but it won’t happen. Until or unless you created value, standard, building and communicate your brand to the target audience. YES! It’s time requiring. But it’s much better than that SEO who make wrong promises.


Claims and ranking guarantees of SEO strategy should be checked for your use. Some SEO strategies make high claims and ranking guarantees. Don’t use those strategies whose foundations are on wrong expectations. You should have an idea of the plan before going to choose.


Usage of unproductive content will end into poor results. The SEO strategy will never promote your result if the content is fruitless because there is no attention pay by the visitors. Most marketers do not know the value of content so for them it’s necessary to spare their time and bring up with innovating and high-quality content. This will rank them highly in the SEO strategy as it is effective too.


Most small business owners look forward to the SEO agencies to provide them keywords that can be in their use. Most common mistakes of SEO campaigns are that they choose and optimise the wrong keywords. To select the best keyword, you should learn everything by yourself or the other can be this to search for the best SEO agency to get results.


If you are using wrong SEO agency, then it will never give you the required result because these agencies are using ineffective SEO strategies. What you have to do is that proper research must be done before hiring an SEO agency.

These are the failures of SEO strategies, and you have to think twice to choose the right one.