Maths Tutors: How they represent the subject by making it attractive?

If you ask any student what subject do they find must difficult in school, the answer that you are gonna get is probably “Mathematics”. In 2005, Gallup conducted a poll and asked students what subject they consider most difficult. Undoubtedly, maths topped the list.

So, if your child is struggling to understand what’s getting in his/her mathematics grade in school, then you should send your child to a high school tutoring who are specialised in maths teaching. Trust me. It is entirely embarrassing for your kids because I know that “feel” as I was one of them. Maths coaching can make it easy to grasp the concepts that they are having troubles. So, I would say, choose a right tutor for your kid because they can make your children understand the basics of mathematics by making it fascinating. We talked about all this without knowing the fact that what makes this subject so hard.

Why is maths hard?

There are so many factors that make mathematics so hard for the students. Many researchers worked on this and made many conclusions and assumptions. Well, here are the reasons why maths is so hard.

tutor predicting the student brain typeBrain types

To be honest, not everyone has the same kind of brain. Everyone thinks differently. Everyone has a different grasping ability. The research said that the left-brain thinkers understand things in bits and pieces and they think logically. On the other hand, the right-brain thinkers are more global. They grasp the things as a whole and forget it after some period. So, if you are a left-brain thinker then you probably have the upper hand.

confusing terminology of mathsConfusing terminologies

If your child is in a primary school, then he/she might find it hard to understand what exactly are the meaning of subtraction, division, multiplication, volume, etc. And if even he/she understands those terms then chances are they get a problem to solve a problem with only the notation of those terms. Now again, the child only knows the words. He/she will only answer if the child knows what those characters represent. High school kids also face this problem as many terms are ambiguous as they are open to many interpretations. So yeah, that is one another substantial reason.

Not understanding the basics

Now suppose you have to solve a bunch of problems based on algebra. But if you do not know the basics of algebra then you will not be able to solve those problems. So, before you jump into anything, make sure that your basics are clear or you’ll be wasting your time all around trying to figure out how to solve the problem.

Hesitation in asking

drilling student by maths tutor Most students hesitate to ask the things that they didn’t understand while the teacher was teaching.They feel shy and nervous which comes from the fact that there is no friendly environment and lack of interaction between students and the kids. Plus, most of the teachers do not want to waste their time teaching the same thing again.

How maths tutors make maths interesting and easy?

Going for maths coaching can prove helpful for the students. Teachers make the learning easy and going for a tutor would be a wise choice. But, I would repeat, choose the right trainer. If the instructor is not good enough then it would be a waste of time. The reasons how tutors make the subject easy to understand are:

Instructors make students independent learners and get them feel confident

local tutoring of maths

Instructors teach their students in a way so they can become independent learners. They encourage the students to analyse the subject in a vivid and a more logical manner. They ask simple yes or no kind of questions and set them assignments that go beyond testing their knowledge/comprehension of a topic. They make them critical thinkers and encourage them to give their opinion on how they feel. Critical thinking makes the students more responsible for a creative mind and deep reflection. Students begin to feel more confident about themselves. They believe that the question they are asking makes sense, unlike all other students who never had a tutor.

Maths teacher will analyse the student’s performance regularly with games

Tutors do not only teach. Once the instructor has covered a subject, then he will test the student’s knowledge through some other problems and games. You might be wondering that how a tutor will make a game. Fortunately, there are tonnes of online mathematics games for students. To be very honest, I think it will be true to say that the tutors bring the best out of a student.

Tutors take pauses

Your child’s math instructor would want to hear your baby’s voice more than his own. To ensure that your child doesn’t lag behind and lose interest in what he is teaching, the tutor will take frequent pauses just to make sure that his student has understood what he has been explaining. Excellent instructors encourage the students to provide a brief summary of what they have learned.

Tutors have a good sense of humour

Many studies have shown that the use of humour can have great results. It has positive effects on students. Excellent tutors have a good sense of humour. Students begin to feel like they are friends with the teacher. As the trainers crack a Tutors request feedback joke with the perfect timing, students will begin to take an interest in the subject. Students get themselves more engaged. Since maths is tough for many students, this interest can be very helpful.

They drill the students on important points

When the tutors teach subjects like maths that involves a large degree of memory work, they dig the student repeatedly on particular points just to make sure that the student retains relevant facts and information.

maths games by high school tutorsTutors use multi-media tools

When the teachers are teaching mathematics, they show interesting videos to kids. For example, they will show the videos like the Mayan mathematics or the Montessori method, which tells us how easy it is to grasp a basic knowledge of mathematics when a hands-on approach is taken to learning. So, the students begin to feel positive, and they believe math isn’t any rocket science.

Tutors request feedback

Tutors request for the comments. They ask the student where he/she is lagging behind. A maths teacher will find the weaknesses of the student in mathematics or ask them whatever they find challenging and find ways to make it simple for the student to grasp. He would ask if he is going too fast or if his method of teaching is wrong or desperate. But good tutors always come with the easiest ways to solve a problem.
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