Local SEO – How It Helps You Attract Local Customers?

What exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO strategy is widely used in online business marketing in the recent few years. The local search engine optimisation services are much different from your average SEO campaign and have the capability to turn the results upside down in no time. With the help of local seo services, businesses can promote their products and services to customers in their area whenever users search for relevant keywords. Local SEO technique makes use of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and various business directories (Yelp, Hotfrog, Superpages, Yellowpages, etc.) to improve the visibility of your business in the Search Engine result pages.

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Local SEO helps you gain the relevant Search Engine visibility and quickly starts to attract potential customers towards your products and services. The implementation of local SEO, however, can be quite tricky. As Google is putting more emphasis on location-based search than ever, now is high time to analyse your current local SEO strategies to check whether if they are giving results or should you take further actions to do your local SEO work.

There are many things that you can do to attract the local customers. Let’s jump onto it.

Accuracy and Consistency In Your NAP

NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. The NAP information displayed on your websites and different social media sites should be highly accurate. According to a survey conducted by Moz, NAP affects the search results by 21 percent. The accuracy of NAP plays a critical role in local search engine optimisation. If you accidently made some typo in your NAP (for example, you cited your office address wrongly), then chances are directories will register your business inaccurately, and your business won’t be listed in the top search results.

Consistency is another factor. The NAP has to be consistent across all the local directories, listings, and citations. Keep your NAP updated if you change the name, address or phone number of your business and update it everywhere it is listed.

Claim Your Business On Google My Business

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If you have a Google My Business Page, then it’s fine. If not, then you should set you your Google business page up according to the following steps:

  • Add a unique and a long description that includes links.
  • Add a phone number to the listing.
  • Choose the category for your business.
  • Add opening and closing time of your business.
  • Upload multiple photos.
  • Add the business address that matches the address mentioned on your website and other directories.
  • Get feedback from your customers.

Link Building

Unlike standard SEO campaigns, local SEO services depend much more on the external links from other websites that are relevant to your business. Get links from the websites that are local and which deals with the same business. Link on a prominent business website would be a positive as well would help your business by letting tonnes of people know about your business. You can contact the websites for sponsorships. Give a discount to companies on your products and get your business listed on their websites. You can give away bumper prizes to attract the customers.

On-Page Optimization Of Your Website

On-Page optimisation of your website or simply landing page plays a vital role in local SEO. All you need to do is make sure that your homepage is already indexed in Google, and the URL to your landing page appears in Google search results. Make sure your website is totally complete and not under-construction.

Ask For Reviews

Google allows the customers to leave feedback about your business. If your reviews are positive, and you are getting good ratings, then it would help your website be displayed on the top of the search results. Remind your customers to leave feedback about your business. It would help your business stand out from competitors with fewer reviews.

Claim Yelp Listing

Claim your listing on Yelp. Add a Yelp badge to your website. It would refer people to review you on Yelp. Some sweet reviews on Yelp would help your website a lot. If you have excellent services and products, then you are likely to get positive reviews. Google now considers your Yelp presence such as some reviews and how positive they are, before displaying the search results.

Increase Site Speed

Google now proclaims that speed of site loading is a crucial factor in their algorithm. Moreover, if your site takes the time to load, then you are likely to lose your customer as they will leave if the site doesn’t open in a short period. Get quality hosting that would keep your website fast. Make sure that your site takes a maximum of 3 to 4 seconds at most to open.

Add Images For Searching

Adding images to your website can have a huge effect on your site. It changes the way how your site is perceived. Adding interesting images relevant to your business would be a significant advantage when it comes to local SEO. The search engines can not crawl images without any alt tags, so make there are alt tags in presents for any meaningful images. Make sure to add pictures that are optimised for web display to shrink down the size of your page, and thus boost up the load speed.

Keep Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google has started to prioritise mobile friendly sites in their search results. If your website is mobile friendly, then it is the right time to find the solution for this problem. Since search results depend on mobile friendliness, it is necessary to optimise your site for smaller screens. Responsive design is the possible solution for it. The website will resize itself according to the size of the screen.

Be Active On Social Media

Keep posting on your business’s Facebook pages, Instagram pages, and Twitter accounts, etc. about new products and services. Build a follower base in your local area where your business serves. Keep your customers engaged and make new customers by making offers that no one would like to refuse. Developing a strong social media link is important. The more followers you get, the higher your pages will appear in search results on Google and other search engines.